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"Food, clothing, housing and travel", why is clothing in the first place, because you can not eat a day, but it is impossible not to wear clothes a day. It can be said that the clothing industry will not die in any era, which is also reflected in Amazon.

The clothing category, that is, the Amazon category Clothing, the Clothing category in Shoes & Jewelry, can be said to be the second largest category on Amazon after 3C. Since 2019, Amazon's fashion category sales have started to grow by leaps and bounds and have been on an upward trend. By this year, sales have exceeded $75 billion and are still growing.

In fact, as early as 2018, Amazon's total clothing sales reached a staggering $30 billion. It was at that time that Amazon overtook Wal-Mart to become the number one clothing retail platform in the United States.

But what sellers can't ignore is that most of the proprietary brands on the Amazon platform exist in the clothing category. After all, self-employed is the son of Amazon platform, competing with its own brand, as a third-party seller will undoubtedly lose.


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Look more at the clothing collocation of that era, can improve your aesthetic

Cute in front of sexy is not worth mentioning, and sexy in front of elegance is also to be humble. For a woman, elegance should be considered a great compliment. The highlight of the fashion world Audrey Hepburn is considered a fashion that cannot be surpassed because of her unparalleled elegance. The kind of temperament that melts into the bones is not something that can be pieced together by a few gorgeous clothes and expensive jewelry. And elegance is the bearing that emanates from the inside out. Elegant dressing style is also a reflection of a person's aesthetic taste. When it comes to aesthetics, many people think that this is a very abstract word, which is somewhat mysterious and unclear.

Dress is the facade of girls, exquisite dress style, can perfectly present elegant temperament

Every girl must learn to dress up herself. If she wants to be a delicate girl, the clothes she chooses should be suitable for herself, not random matching. Clothing is the facade of girls, exquisite wear style, can perfectly present elegant temperament. Next, let's learn about the fashion blogger's wearing skills. The most important thing in the daily wear of V-neck white shirt and blue jeans is the basic style, but we all know that the so-called basic style is a very simple clothing style. If you don't choose the right one or match it wrong, the visual effect will be very ordinary. So, be sure to choose the right style of clothing,

Fat girls don't choose dresses? From these three aspects, it's really not that difficult to be thin.

When I saw this message, I had a moment of downtime, but I quickly reacted. When a slightly fat girl chooses a dress, the most important thing is to be able to hide meat ~ The female stars who are labeled "one fat destroys everything" have a great say. South Korean actress Park Shin-hye, as a standard H-shaped figure, have great insights in choosing a dress that can hide a small belly, in the high waist dress, her standard ~ IU is the representative of female stars with non-straight legs. she especially likes the puffy dress. the pleated detail design makes her look beautiful and thin ~ while goddess Hu Jing, who has muscles in her calf, likes the skirt length and ankle length.

Simple and generous clothes are different, not only highlighting their own temperament, but also very fashionable.

Learning to dress is very important for girls. If you want to wear a high-level sense, the clothing style does not need to be too complicated. The simple style of wearing is relatively easier to control. Simple and generous clothing is very good. It gives people a different feeling, not only highlights their own temperament, but also very fashionable. Next, let's learn the fashion blogger's wearing skills. The simple design of khaki dress wants to present an elegant and charming visual effect. The clothing style chosen should be simple and generous. Like this fashion blogger, she chose a relatively simple khaki dress. To wear, the visual effect presented is eye-catching. Although the clothing style is very simple, it is very detailed in design, and the fashion blogger also knows some wearing tips, so he easily wears a high-level feeling. This dress uses a V-neck design style, which can be worn on the body to modify the neck, and coupled with a suitable necklace, it can make the whole person look more refined. The dress itself is a slightly loose design. In order to avoid bloating and to make the overall look more advanced, the fashion blogger used the belt to the extreme. After she put on the belt, she raised the belt appropriately, so it looked like her legs were very long. She also tied the belt on the waist side, which played a role of embellishment and made the simple wear look not too monotonous. If you want to wear an avocado green suit, the color of the suit can be said to occupy a very important position. If the color of the suit is wrong, the aesthetic feeling presented by the overall look will be greatly reduced. The fashion blogger's ability to choose clothes is really outstanding. She chose an avocado green suit to wear. The visual effect is very fresh, and it also plays a role in reducing age. The design style of this set of clothes is very simple. The top is a simple cardigan design, and the bottom is a simple short skirt, but it wears a very fresh and elegant temperament on the body. Relatively speaking, the clothing style designed by the suit is better to control, and it is easier to wear a high-level feeling. If girls are not very good at clothing matching, they can choose the suit to wear, because the design of the suit will generally design the color matching of the clothing and the proportion of the overall wear and shape, so it is easier to control.

Clothing is no longer expensive to match, comfort and generosity is the "king's way". This set of wearing strategies will keep you from missing.

When choosing clothes, the price is not the key point. After all, cheap clothes do not necessarily look cheaper than expensive items. If they match well, they will also have a very fashionable effect. In the choice of clothing, it should be put on whether it is comfortable to wear, whether it looks generous as a consideration. This dress strategy uses all-match clothing, which can make your single item combination never fail. The soft material and simple matching item has always been the "good heart" of many women, which means that this item can appear frequently in daily life, and will not have high requirements or high standards for your matching ability. White T-shirt becomes a summer person