Brand Introduction

Langfang Oogezi Garment Co., Ltd.

The fine line of individual taste, diversified product design

Brand positioning

Brand Name

Langfang Oogezi Garment Co., Ltd.

consumption age

25-45 years old

Core price

500-5000 yuan

Customer Group

Pay attention to the quality of clothing, love life of the new era of women

From the unique personality and status of urban women

Brand Story

OUGEZI starts from the unique personality and status of urban women. With the requirements of women in the new era for clothing and the successive improvement of taste, the design of each season's series will continue to change. Each series has a unique image. OUGEZI's enthusiasm for fashion has also become a vane of fashion trends.


Make women wearing OUGEZI shine in different social occasions, reflect the most attractive self-state, enjoy every moment of every moment, and share it with more women pursuing beauty.


OUGEZI produced clothing, unique character, elegant atmosphere, personality but not beyond the boundaries


OUGEZI advocates individuality, freedom, fashion, comfortable dressing style, through the wear to reflect the diversity of styles