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      • Commodity name: BM-0029

    To "feel the life, advocating nature, clothing" as the core design. Adhering to the values of diligence, innovation, humility and gratitude, with "innovative design concept, positive working atmosphere and grateful working attitude" as the leading factor, in line with the management concept of co-creation, sharing and win-win, it opens a benign marketing system to the whole country. Adhere to the spirit of tireless exploration to create a Chinese women's wear industry to the reader.


    The close-fitting type: a tight-fitting and fit dress compared to the straight and simple type. The side seam of the skirt is a straight line that falls naturally.
    With princess line: the use of vertical stitching from the shoulder to the hem, reflecting the curve of the beautiful dress, it emphasizes the waist, wide swing. Like the princess line and the knife back line, the broken stitches put in the longitudinal direction are easy to fit the body, and it is also easy to create the shape and three-dimensional feeling you like.
    Tent type: there are loose and extended shapes directly from the upper part, and there are also shapes that extend from the chest below to the hem.
    Common straight skirt, A- line skirt, backless skirt, dress skirt, princess skirt, mini skirt, chiffon dress, suspender dress, denim dress, lace dress, etc.
    Straight Skirt
    The name of modern skirt, also known as "straight skirt", is one of the new varieties of skirt. It is characterized by chest circumference, waist circumference and skirt circumference. The three are basically the same thickness and form a straight shape. The structure of the garment is connected up and down, and the waist is not cut. Sometimes, for the convenience of striding, a pleated edge is connected near the skirt. The straight skirt can be worn by both children and adults. Also known as cloth bag skirt. Its skirt is loose, with a closed neckline and skirt. It was popular in the 1920 s and popular again in the 1950 s.

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